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History of Fruitbowl

Fruitbowl was started in 2003 by Sheffield’s Centre for HIV and Sexual Health to provide a space for under-18 LGB young people. There have been LGB youth groups in Sheffield for a long time but groups have tended to span a wide age gap, 13-25. Recognising that under 18s sometimes don’t have much in common with 25 year olds and often have quite different lifestyles it was decided to start a group for the lower age range of LGB young people. The Sheena Amos Youth Trust have been involved in Fruitbowl since it started but formally took over the running of the group in 2007.

An important change that we have recently made has been to formally advertise ourselves as a group for LGBT young people. We have always been welcoming to trans young people but we have started advertising as a group for trans young people and have made sure we are able to support trans young people properly.

You are here: Home > About us > History of Fruitbowl