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Referral procedures

If you or your child thinks they would benefit from accessing any of the Fruitbowl services then get in touch with us.

If you want to phone on behalf of your child then we will have a chat on the phone or by email to discuss your child’s needs or interests in the services. We will then arrange to meet up for a chat so we can tell you a bit more about Fruitbowl and you/your child can ask any questions you might have. From there we can arrange for your child to come to a group session, or set up a one-to-one session for them.

If your child wants to get in touch themselves just direct them to our contact details and we’ll take it from there! When young people get in touch with us directly we normally arrange to meet them in a public place, like a city centre café or at their school and we have a chat with them there about Fruitbowl, answering any questions they might have. If they are interested in coming along to the group we arrange to meet them in a city centre location before the group starts and show them where we meet.

You are here: Home > Parents & Carers > Referral procedures